I don’t make music for people to dance. I make music for people to connect with the purity of their hearts. Through this connection; movement, dance, expression and exchange, arise.

This happens at a quantum and vibrational frequencies level; where there is no need for words.

The different sounds and silences speak by themselves, enchanting, seducing, enhancing, accompanying, playing, shining and shining again in joy; in connection with that pure essence of the original BEING, of its frequency, in tune with the “everything”, here and now.

My selection of music and sounds are inspired by a fusion of the elements of nature and some ancient sounds combined with some digital rhythms. Everything merges in an organic and spontaneous atmosphere, where the frequencies of LOVE lead us to a unique “inner experience”.

Sometimes I channel high frequency sounds with a healing purpose.

You are very welcome to join me on this journey of “RE-CONNECTION WITH THE SOUL”!