With her Shakti energy, at an early age, she had some experience in Buenos Aires and Barcelona at the Underground, Melodic & Minimal Techno scene and as an Ecstatic Dance DJ in Malta, Amsterdam, Goa, Himalayas & more.

Rocío makes music for people to connect with their hearts. Through this connection; movement, dance, expression and exchange, arises.

She outstands by her holistic and integrative style, which merges genres and decades in a peculiar and raw way.

The different sounds and silences speak by themselves, creating “frequencies”.

Rocío´s music selection is inspired by a fusion of the elements of nature, ethnic & ancient sounds bringing archetypes power; combined with groovy digital rhythms in an organic way creating a spontaneous atmosphere where the frequency of LOVE leads people to a unique “inner experience” – A journey of “RE-CONNECTION WITH THE SOUL”.