By being raised/educated in a Rudolf Steiner School, I got the opportunity to observe the world from an open perspective. This school laid the base for me to stay connected with myself and to listen to my feelings. All my senses were open to the world.
Moreover, it gave me the ability to feel a deep connection for art, music and nature, which has been my life inspiration since.
At an early age I felt motivated by Meditation, Yoga, and spiritual techniques like Vipassana, Iyengar, Kundalini and some Sacred Ceremonies.
I used to see and feel spirits/souls of people that passed over. And I would love to mention, that children surround my path. My connection with them is very precious.
Traveling has broadened this view. The wind blew me from Argentina, to Barcelona, to Asia, India and stranded in Amsterdam, which is my home today. Although each country has a beauty on its own, India awakened me. That moment represents a crossing point in my life. I turned like a leaf, I started seeing everything in a completely different way, with sacredness, beauty and feeling the magic. Life got a totally new meaning for me, appreciating here and now and understanding why we are here in this specific moment.
Then a deep healing process took part of me, started keeping me busy leading me to a process of deep introspection and transformation.
That intensity, reconnected me with the “Healer and the Teacher” inside of me.
After having many different experiences, I started sharing this gift by healing others through Art and Music with my “Shakti” energy. Until one day, the cosmos brought this Quantum Healing technique, called LNT®, on my path which elevated my healing capabilities to a higher level.
Therefore I decided giving healing sessions to help people and animals with success.
Transmitting love, wisdom and healing energy to others and myself is part of my essence and I feel a great desire to share this.
“We own the power and the capacity to reconnect and transform into what we are meant to be”.
“It is possible to come back to our essence where joy is present”.
Enough about myself, you can have a deeper look into the LNT® healing.