“We love this healing-therapy!
My 10-year old son had a session with Rocio because he had hay-fever since a few years.
He had itchy and painful eyes, a runny nose and low energy.
After the session my son immediately felt alleviated and his eyes were less painful.
Now after two weeks the effect of the treatment is still noticeable and the pollen are less of a bother for my son.
During the session my son was completely relaxed and even fell asleep at one point.

Rocio is very skilled and gentle in Ro-Frequency”.


Lola Morgado:

“In a genuine and committed way, Rocio began guiding me to be able to give myself completely to the treatment. And so it was. I immersed into deep tides of my being, places I’ve never been before, until I began crying. Relieving and healing. Deeply grateful, something everyone should experience”.


Arco Sonneveld:

“My dog Vito had a big wound due to an accident with a big and sharp metal object. Rocio gave him a session and it was unbelievable amazing how fast he recovered.

Later on, I also wanted a session for myself and the experience I had was amazing. Is difficult to explain with words, but I felt how she moved the energy inside of me. It was flowing from my head to my heart, beautiful and peaceful feeling and result.”


Erik Nooij:

“Rocio’s treatments have a great impact on me, the energy is nothing but phenomenal! Besides that I really feel understood and without being judged. I experience Rocio as very gentle, open and sincere. The energy changes my awareness and brings relief, I definitely recommend this to anyone :)”


Hannah Bertens:

“I received a session from Rocio and experienced her as a loving, open person with integrity… and that is also reflected in the way she works.

During the session, I felt the energy gently flowing through my body and i experienced some pleasant movements and some deep relaxing breathing. The SGA was a very peaceful experience”.


Jessica Lia:

“One of the most gentle, loving and generous beings i know of. In deep gratitude for her presence, gifts and services”.


Maria Noblejas Arroyo:

“Rocio, con su gran energía positiva, empatía y su gran motivación para sanar a l@s demás me ayudó mucho y me devolvió la alegría y la fuerza de voluntad que había perdido para dejar mis adicciones.
Para mi es una terapia nueva de la cual tuve dudas, pero ahora sé que funciona y la recomiendo”.



“I had a strong headache, dizziness and my arms were full of tension.

I received a Quantum Healing treatment.

I was amazed to feel how the energy was flowing through my body. I even felt my kundalini energy. I cried for a while and suddenly when the session finished I realised that the pains and dizziness were completely gone and I felt an enormous peace.

Im so happy I was open to receive this gift”.


Andrea Peláková:

“I sprained my ankle at my birthday party and since Rocio was among the guests, she offered an instant treatment which I gladly accepted. I had a huge pain and felt traumatised. During the healing session that Rocio gave me the pain started to drop rapidly and practically disappeared and also myself I calmed down. Within 20 minutes I could put the boot back on my foot again and walk without any problem at that very moment. In the next days I was noticing rapid progress in healing too.

Next day I also received another healing session for my emotions and ankle. I had various experiences/sensations in the coming days that I do not know to what I should attribute to as I was also on my period which always brings lots of strong emotions. Also I am very new to this kind of healing and very doubtful whether it is going to work on me. I did not go into more healing sessions although I was and still am very interested in exploring what is there available in terms of healing through this therapy. Unfortunately I cannot afford paying it at the moment and do not feel comfortable to receive it for free. I also find Rocio a nice and trustworthy soul. I felt her genuine desire to help me. I feel very grateful for the help and support she provided to me.”


Uriel Klein:

“I had a wonderful session with this great healer. She created a very relaxed and calm atmosphere which made me feel at home from the vey beginning. I also enjoyed our talks before and after the session! lt gave me a lot to think about and I feel I have so much to learn! Thank you ?


Nicolas Klein:

“I loved the wat Rocio guided the whole session and the talk before. It was really moving and I still have to process a lot of things. Thank you for helping me grow and know myself better”.


Andrea Ridgway:

“Had a beautiful light session with this luminous sister. Highly recommend her presence and sessions, a true gift in and of itself ? ?“.


Isabella Sanchez Nistal:

“Una experiencia increible que no pude imaginar hasta vivirla, es sorprendente la energia que se siente, Ro me hizo sentir segura y tranquila en cada momento, estoy muy agradecida y lo super recomiendo a todas las personas que esten en busca de un espacio para trabajar, sanar o soltar algo en sus vidas”.


Belen Coronel:

“Excelente Terapia! Logre de forma consciente conectarme con mis maestros ancestrales y renovar la energía vital. Maravilloso acompañamiento de Ro-Frequency”.


Guillermina Seyahian:

“I received a session in presence with Rocio.

I asked to heal my birth trauma. I was born with to laps chord and lack of oxygen.

Not only that she did an amazing job, but during the session the female linage was present. My grand grand mother come to give her love, then my grand mother and to finish my mother was giving there all the warm and support she couldn´t before.

It was gorgeous.

Then Rocío started touching my feet with her hands during the treatment and while pressing some specific points on the soles, some memories of past lives come back. I saw myself like an ice dancer and like a ballet dancer. It was a super healing and amazing experience I received. I´m very grateful to her and this quantum technique and highly recommend it for anything you might be struggling”.


La Mary:

“Sweet Rocio gave me a unique and interesting experience of energy shifting and I felt good benefits afterwards”.


Aida Moreno Kiernan:

“Gentle and very powerful. It’s hard to explain with words what happens in a session with Rocio. But if you feel a calling, like I did, trust it ❤️ She helped me inmerse myself in my energy and cleanse it through love, attentiveness and subtle movements. Something after that shifted. I am so grateful for you ? Thank you for helping me heal, for your sweet and attentive love. You were born a healer ?”.


ZouZou HaHa:

“Coming closer to the unification of my thoughts, feelings and purpose of being here on this planet, the LNT session made me feel lighter.

Thanking you so much.

An extraordinary and beautiful part of the process of remembering our Sources energy and helping it manifest in so many amazing ways



Egle Budvytyte:

“Rocio has a very gentle and caring presence, and its really sensible in the healing sessions. I felt safe and well taken care of. Very recommended!”.


Claudia Beatriz Torres: